The IPAA is a relational body of leaders called to apostolic and prophetic ministries; we also welcome other 5-fold ministries and all who are passionate to see the restoration of the apostolic and prophetic offices. Our 7-fold vision is that through the outworking of His Holy Fire & Zeal, FATHER GOD may trust us: -

  • 1.To be a voice to the church and to the nation(s)
  • 2.To introduce and establish kingdom truth, order and structure in the church and various spheres of societal influence
  • 3.To underpin definition, credibility and stability in apostolic and prophetic ministry
  • 4.To facilitate the synergy that comes from the linking of apostles with prophets
  • 5.To see apostolically and prophetically linked churches and ministries raised up
  • 6.To see souls saved, healed and discipled in the local church
  • 7.To see revival fires blaze across the nations of the world