What is the INTER PROPHETIC & APOSTOLIC ALLIANCE and what does it mean to be a part of it? 

The IPAA is at its heart a relational body of people who feel connected to and drawn to one another. It all comes down to feeling a sense of heart connection, this is the commonest sense of being "a part of”. Things often become clearer as we move on, purposes are seldom unveiled all at once.

  1. Being part of the IPAA means you can identify with our core vision “To be a relational body of leaders of prophetic ministries who GOD can trust to be a voice to the nation”. It also means you can identify with our reasons for existence (page 2)
  2. Having a desire to meet together as and when The SPIRIT leads to arrange meetings is an outflow of this. Obviously, we cannot be at all meetings.
  3. The prophetic has numerous facets to it, ranging from prophetic intercessors to signs & wonders prophets to prophetic psalmists and so on. The key thread is a love for and sensitivity to the HOLY SPIRIT and operating in the gifts of The SPIRIT. These all will work together for the fulfilment of our core vision – for GOD to be pleased with us to speak through us – whether in signs and wonders, prophetic declarations, healings, etc
  4. Mutual accountability and stewardship of our gifts comes out relationship. There is a strong biblical and historical correlation between how far we can go with GOD and how deep these relationships are. We want all of us in the alliance to go FAR! We want to live open lives.
  5. We have a bank account. This is so as to greatly widen the scope of what we can achieve as a body of believers. This also gives us an opportunity as individuals to partner with what GOD is doing in IPAA. There is no fixed subscription to “join” IPAA; give excitedly and in faith. 
  6. The vision is secured and protected by a core steering group.


The 1st batch is things you can do: -

  • a. Join as an affiliate (Be added to the IPAA Directory on the web site)
  • b. Become a financial partner – “LION PARTNER” (via standing order)
  • c. Ask to join the IPAA community FB page
  • d. Call in for the weekly IPAA conference call (6am Wednesdays)
  • e.Attend our events

The 2nd batch are things we can do: -

  • g. Be added to the WhatsApp groups (on attending a few of our events)
  • h. Be called upon to be an intern
  • I. Be commissioned (and/or affirmed) as an apostle or a prophet or other 5-fold office (on meeting the criteria)

Additionally to kick start the process of integration it would be lovely if you could:

  • A) Submit a biography covering
  • a. Salvation testimony
  • b. Family set up
  • c. Story of pathway of growth and maturing in CHRIST
  • d. Call to the ministry

  • and
  • B) Attend a “getting to know you” session to get to meet our core team. These hold several times in a year just before/after our scheduled events.

* To join in on our Prayer Conference, call 0330 606 0520 and then input code 377068#

Finally, here is a list of recommended reading to familiarise yourself with the wine skin we are pursuing: -

  • a. Culture of honour by Danny Silk
  • b. Transition by Servant Robin
  • c. The Final Quest by Rick Joyner
  • d. Spiritual Manual on Prophecy by Servant Robin
  • e. Translating GOD by Shawn Boltz
  • f. “A Tale of Three Kings” Gene Edwards



1.The LORD desires to raise voices to deepen His call to, and interaction with, the UK and to the nations (Isaiah 6:8) 

2. To be a voice to His Bride, the church (Acts 11:27)

3. To create a bridge between seasoned prophets and prophetic intercessors and the new. Mantles and anointings must be received by prepared, willing and able shoulders (1Kings 1:19). We value intergenerational relationships

4. To raise the profile of prophetic ministry in the nations causing prophets to take their seat in the roundtable of the 5-fold ministry gifting (Acts 13:1)

5. To display the many manifestations, diversities and administrations of prophetic ministry (1Corinthians 12:4-6)

6. To release apostles and other gifts into their roles of service in the church and the marketplace (Acts 13:1-4; 14;)

7. To provide a safe haven for prophetic vessels where as our wings interconnect and overlap we can be protected and nurtured. 

The IPA is convened by Robin Jegede-Brimson who leads www.servantministries.co.uk 

WORD FOR IPAA. (2nd half of 2018) 

As we transition to the 2nd half of 2018 it is not a coincidence that The LORD has revealed more of His plans for us in the logo He has assigned to us in IPAA. It is the whole world aflame with fire for JESUS. These flames of fire and the glory of GOD must of necessity be preceded by the reformation & restoration of divine order in the church. We must contend against the spirits of Jezebel and Balaam in the rank and file of the false prophetic and check our own hearts and motives in all we do. To be used along with thousands of other prophetic and apostolic companies to usher in the end time revival of GOD is an INVITATION and a view of our POTENTIAL in GOD.

I saw lots of garments in the spirit realm . . . garments of humility waiting to be put on by us His servants as He uses those among us to slay Goliaths. Can you imagine the temptation to pride that David as a youth must have had to overcome when the women began to sing and to dance saying, "David has killed his ten thousands". These garments are to be worn by us with every new step individually and corporately in GOD (Don’t let us forget this). “clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Col 3:12).

Then again I saw the crowns that are in heaven waiting for us, but with this I know that there are no victors crowns without the battles and things we are called to endure for CHRIST. “Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully” (2Jn 1:8) is GOD’s word to us.

I also saw the armoury in the spirit of all the powerful weapons available to us; these weapons and tools are in the hands of our brothers and sisters in CHRIST many of whom are among us in IPAA. I feel that The LORD is saying, “Connect! What you need is in the hand of your brothers and sisters, (you just did not know it)”. This is in all areas, spiritual resources, ministry help and finances. HELP is available within the body of IPAA. In financial terms I recall a month in 1997 in Nigeria when both my covenant brother, Schambach and I were used of GOD to bless people separately as in the same month we both gave cars away in obedience to GOD. I see gifts flying around the family this month all divinely orchestrated by The SPIRIT of GOD. It is in preparation for the latter part of the year where I see significant wealth being drafted to us.

So, let us grow in humility, put on love and keep connecting. Love you lots x 


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