PROTOCOLS for being part of the family (biblical “tribe”) of IPAA

Firstly, we largely (not essentially) use WhatsApp as a relational forum. To be added to the “NEW2IPAA” WhatsApp group and underscoring the relational nature of our ministry please do send us two or three lines about yourself and the ministry you are called to as well as a favourite photograph. On receiving these we will add you to our introductory chat group – “NEW 2IPAA”

As part of our getting to know one another and to be added to our main IPAA WhatsApp group we invite you to do the following: -

  • 1.Email a bio (500 – 1000 words as a guide) to admin@ipaaglobal.orgoutlining your: -
  • a.Salvation testimony
  • b.Ministry calling and vision
  • c.Family status (marriage etc) and background
  • d.Church and ministry affiliations
  • e.Anything else significant
  • 2.Grasp an understanding of, and heart compliance with, our vision and core values as outlined in our IPAA handbook (available on Amazon)
  • 3.Take the IPAA Covenant of Holiness & Purity
  • 4.Attend a personal “getting to know you” session with some of the core leadership team
  • 5.Ask to join the IPAA community FB page
  • 6.Call in for the weekly IPAA conference call (6am Wednesdays) * To join in call 0330 606 0520 and then input code 377068#
  • 7.You may also want to consider becoming an intern with the ministries of one of our affirmed prophets to hasten the development of your calling.

And later on . . .

Following on from this in due course there will be a public affirmation of your present call and office e.g. Prophet, Apostle, Prophetic Minister, Evangelist, Pastoral Apostle, Prophetic Pastor, Apostle Elect, Prophetic Intern, etc (On getting to know one another part of our core values are to publicly affirm those called to serve in The Body of CHRIST)

Supporting materially ..

Last but not least, as you benefit from the fellowship, relationships, revelations and empowering of IPAA and as you grow and develop in your own ministry we ask that you sow back into the work of IPAA by pledging a regular financial commitment (of any amount) via standing order. (Account in the name of “Inter Prophetic Alliance” Lloyds 776315 / 07291160)

Finally, here is a list of recommended reading to familiarise yourself with the wine skin we are pursuing: -

  • a.Culture of honour by Danny Silk
  • b.Transition by Servant Robin
  • c.The Final Quest by Rick Joyner
  • d.Spiritual Manual on Prophecy by Servant Robin
  • e.Translating GOD by Shawn Boltz
  • f.“A Tale of Three Kings” Gene Edwards


12 TESTS & INDICATORS OF PROPHETIC OFFICE – developmental stages of “being called” to prophetic office to being “chosen” to being “called, chosen & faithful” (Matt 20:16; 22:14; Rev 17:14)

A) Calling

  1. A testimony of salvation and being filled with The SPIRIT
  2. The testament of a calling to the prophetic (Jeremiah 1; Ezek 1; Amos 7; 1Kgs 19)
  3. The discovery of a prophetic gift and unction, a seer or nabi; revelational or utterance gift, worship or prayer, fasting or marked levels of supernatural experiences

B) Gift insight & development*

  • 4.Consistent and commensurate gifting (2Corinth 12:12)
  1. Endurance and stability (Rev 17:14) having passed the test chosen by GOD which every ministry must undergo (James 1:12)
  2. The detection of a particular, prophetic operation and administration (1Corinthians 12:4-6) and/or sphere of influence (2Corinth 10:13)

C) Relationships*

  • 7.Be part of and in good standing in a local church (Hebrews 10:25; Gal 2:2)
  1. Having a ministry that is recognised by other leaders in The Body (Gal 2:9)
  • 9.Be linked to an apostle (Eph 2:20, 3:5)

D) Character & Release*

  • 10.A developed character in fulfilment of the conditions for leadership (1Tim3), free from love of money, manipulation or desire to be seen (Is 26:8)
  1. A walk of love, humility and accountability to others for both one’s personal life as well as fruits of prophetic ministry (Gal 2) as evidenced in an ability to be corrected and to where necessary render an apology
  2. Divine release in a kairos moment of a GOD given platform (Acts 11:25,26; Titus 1:1-5)

*We envisage that an ongoing relationship with the IPAA family offers a forum (not exclusively) for items included in (B), (C) & (D) 



Definition of an apostle

One who is called, commissioned and sent by The LORD JESUS with the authority, character and power to successfully introduce and establish kingdom truth and order in The Church as well as in other spheres of influence on the Earth. (Attributes of an apostle will also often include a kingdom mindset, links with prophets, unusual visitations and demonstrations of power, signs and wonders)

(Matthew 10:1,2; Romans 11:13; 1Corinth 9:2)


A “sent one” backed with these core three attributes -

  • 1.AUTHORITY and/or POWER (Matthew 10:1,2; Lk 9:1)
    One sent and commissioned by GOD with heavens backing. This could be demonstrated in either or both these qualities: -
  • a.To a specific geographical or societal location often giving rise to a governmental leadership role; functioning at the helm of a network / sphere of influence (a networking apostle)
  • b.Demonstrations of power, signs and wonders e.g. raising the dead etc (1Corinth 2:4,5) (a signs and wonders apostle)
    Releasing a kingdom focus beyond a local church focus; a ministry spanning across several ministries and churches; giving rise to a ministry that embraces, accommodates and provides platforms to others
  • 3.The mature fruit of godly CHARACTER & PERSEVERANCE (2 Corinth 12:12)
    Backed by an exemplary character demonstrating perseverance, humility, a devotional prayer life, sacrifice and a servant heart

And often accompanied by a mix of these other attributes -

    Unique experiences, holy visitations, special encounters with GOD (1Corinth 9:1)
    Strong relational links with prophets; similarities with the ministries of old testament prophets, particularly Elijah and Elisha
    Unique experiences, holy visitations, special encounters with GOD (1Corinth 9:1)
  • Carrying deep insight into the purposes of GOD for now. An understanding of the revelatory truths of the gospel and how to avoid error. 

More about IPAA can be found in our manual available of amazon