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IPAA & NAPAR joint communique (NB Abstentions see below)


 “All is not well with the vaccine, we have grave misgivings about it . . . “

 INTRODUCTION: We appreciate the enormous pressure that governments worldwide are under to produce an answer to the pandemic. We are not anti-vaccine or anti medical. A vaccine is only part of the answer; repentance, and a changing of heart towards our Creator and His eternal standards of right and wrong is also needed …. We appreciate the worry, concerns and fears…. However…

We are not anti-vaccine or anti medical.

We also appreciate the worry, concerns and fear that people are faced with. Fear that can best be overcome by trust in a living Saviour JESUS CHRIST and by reflecting on the words of the Bible (and not only on news reports). "He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty" (Psalm 91)


IPAA & NAPAR joint communique on COVID-19 vaccine


1.   We have a discomfort in our spirits concerning the vaccination for the virus.

2.   We perceive strongly that there is an agenda of the enemy behind it. We perceive that taking the vaccine may be used as a precursor to introducing one world Government & control aka ‘global reset’

3.   We are concerned about the pressure being put on people to take it.

4.   We feel it is important that even though pure science may say the vaccine is acceptable we need to hear from God on this matter & follow what He says.

IPAA & NAPAR joint communique on US Elections (Dec 17th 2020)

It’s far from over….
 INTRODUCTION: As a prophetic coalition it is our JOB DESCRIPTION to rise above the opinions of pollsters, above personal preferences and varying political camps and ask in openness and humility, ‘What is the Mind of CHRIST?’. We do this with humility and a sense of accountability…...


We recognise the human failings and flaws in the individual called Donald Trump. But we also see the Hand of our Creator in his decisions concerning issues of morality, marriage, protection of human life and love for GOD’s covenant people, Israel.



1.   We believe that Trump won the election

2.   We believe that there are hidden things that will be revealed to verify this.

3.   We believe that this will be in time for him to be re-instated as the winner of the Presidential election of the USA 2020.

4.   We believe that this is a charge on the global church to continue in prayer and warfare to enforce this standing against fear and intimidation.

5.   We pray for courage for the judiciary to do what is right.

6.   We stand with leading prophetic voices in the USA such as Dutch Sheets, Elijah List, Joshua Fowler & Richards Watch, Veronika West in the UK & Abel Praise etc.


Abstentions: Stuart Wentworth (IPAA Core Team), Majiro Ahaneku (NAPAR Co National Coordinator), Jon Hinks (IPAA)  

Our Vision

The IPAA is a relational body of leaders of apostolic and prophetic ministries; we also welcome other 5-fold ministries. Our 7-fold vision is that through the outworking of His Holy Fire & Zeal, FATHER GOD may trust us: -

1.To be a voice to the church and to the nation(s)

2.To introduce and establish kingdom truth, order and structure in the church and various spheres of societal influence

3.To underpin definition, credibility and stability in apostolic and prophetic ministry

4.To facilitate the synergy that comes from the linking of apostles with prophets

5.To see apostolically and prophetically linked churches and ministries raised up

6.To see souls saved, healed and discipled in the local church

7.To see revival fires blaze across the nations of the world 




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