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Mentoring opportunity in apostolic and prophetic ministry 


Our next MIND OF THE LORD where we will review this again as well as any other matters arising, will be (DV) 6pm Thursday 18th February.



COVID 19 : A consensus opinion


1. We thank GOD for His turning this around for good e.g.  family time with kids etc, more time for acts of repentance etc, with millions of new ecclesia (houses of prayer), new synergy levels, new rise of prayers …


2. But we recognise the hardship this has also caused, deaths and loneliness. Mental health, domestic violence, businesses closing, hardship…    


3. So, while we pray for the fulness of GOD’s purposes be realised in this pandemic we must also pray - GOD let this come to an end! ..


4. And we must seek GOD as a prophetic community for a global strategy to end this in alignment with His plans & purposes. The church needs to be showing the way and leading a strategy. A way out.



5. There is a sense of all prayers being used to bring in a move of GOD after covid…


Abstentions: Stuart Wentworth (IPAA Core Team), Majiro Ahaneku (NAPAR Co National Coordinator), Jon Hinks (IPAA)  

Our Vision

The IPAA is a relational body of leaders of apostolic and prophetic ministries; we also welcome other 5-fold ministries. Our 7-fold vision is that through the outworking of His Holy Fire & Zeal, FATHER GOD may trust us: -

1.To be a voice to the church and to the nation(s)

2.To introduce and establish kingdom truth, order and structure in the church and various spheres of societal influence

3.To underpin definition, credibility and stability in apostolic and prophetic ministry

4.To facilitate the synergy that comes from the linking of apostles with prophets

5.To see apostolically and prophetically linked churches and ministries raised up

6.To see souls saved, healed and discipled in the local church

7.To see revival fires blaze across the nations of the world 




Words for Nations


Understanding the Apostolic & Prophetic