LEADERSHIP - The Core Team 

Robin & Nyema Jegede-Brimson



Robin and Nyema are "return missionaries" to the UK having received a vision for missions mobilisation in July 1996 in Ibadan, Nigeria. They lead "Servant Ministries", an equipping ministry to The Body through itinerant ministry, book writing and seminars. They also facilitate the "The Whitstable Tabernacle" a regular gathering for prayer, worship and release of the prophetic. They are the conveners of the "Inter-Prophetic Apostolic Alliance". Robin is the author of "APOSTOLIC & PROPHETIC FIRES" and "TRANSITION - a compass for shifting from the old to the new featuring key areas of reformation for the post-charismatic kingdom saint", as well as several manuals on prophetic ministry and books on revival. Servant Ministries is aligned with "Churches in Communities", an international grouping of minsters under Dr Hugh Osgood. Robin is ordained as a prophet under "Christian International Europe" (CIE), led by Dr Sharon Stone. He is a spiritual son of Rev Mosy Madugba of Ministers Prayer Network. Nyema is a prophetic intercessor and worshipper, she is passionate to see healings, signs and wonders on the earth. Robin and Nyema are part of The Harbour Church, Whitstable. They are blessed with four children, a nephew and a niece and make their home in Whitstable, Kent        

Sid & Bukky Cordle 



Sid & Bukky live in Hitchin, Herts and visit a variety of churches from their base in Hitchin. Bukky is part of Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) core intercessory team. Sid is the Leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA). They are convenors of "Revival in The City" and believe strongly in intercession and the need to listen to God's heart for the nation and nations which is why they fit easily with the IPA. Sid worked in financial services for over 30 years initially working for the Prudential and latterly running his own company as an independent financial adviser until July 2011. Sid serves as treasurer to the INTER PROPHETIC APOSTOLIC ALLIANCE. Both have recently written books, Sid's is called "Authority over the Nations. God and Politics.  Bukky's is on Prayer

Richard & Elizabeth Mitchell      


Seasoned global apostles and prophetic seers/visionaries to the UK since 1999. From as early as 1975 they have established and grown several churches & ministries in South Africa. They are strategic mentoring elders with godly wisdom to five-fold church leadership, politicians & aspiring inter-generational leaders. They are widely travelled to the nations & are much sought-after Spirit-filled speakers in prophetic prayer & praise conferences and carry a strong godly governmental anointing with justice & grace gifts. They are based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. The itinerant Mitchells attend the vibrant multinational Kingsgate Community Church in Peterborough and are available to minister to both small and large kingdom-focused church groups.

Minister Elaine Paul  


Elaine leads the LinGK Fellowship - Life in God's Kingdom based in Anerley, South London. She is the natural mother of two, but a mother and mentor to many. She has a heart to equip and release people, inter-generationally, into their potential, to this end she has led several prophetic schools. 
"I am aligned with the IPPA as I see their method of governance as the way forward, in propagating the Kingdom of God"

Stuart & Charmian Wentworth   


"During 2016 the Lord was speaking to me of the need for a greater corporate expression of the UK prophetic ministry that would speak with one voice and heart to and through his church to this nation and across continents. This can only come about through a deeper and real love for each other, a true humility of heart and a preferring and honouring of each other. My contacts with those who have birthed IPA convince me that here is a precious seed that God has planted that could grow into what is on his heart" - Stuart

Stuart & Charmian live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. They have been aligned with Rios de Vida (Rivers of Life) Argentina as church elder, senior pastor and member of Presbytery oversight for nearly 40 years. They lived and pastored in Argentina for 9 years which included the period of Spirit outpouring in the 1990s. More recently they pastored for 5 years in Chichester, UK and were involved in an earlier UK Prophetic Forum (Graham Cook, Martin Scott, Sharon Stone, Wale Babatunde, Peter Stott and others). They are also aligned with "UK Together for the Nation" intercessory prayer group (which includes Clifford Hill). They presently have an itinerant ministry based in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere. They have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. Stuarts vision is to see the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ prepared as a Bride ready for his return; to see her prepared as a resting place for our God and Father to dwell in and display his glory. For her to be the means through which the Lord can display his manifold wisdom to principalities and powers. For this we need deeper love for the Lord and one another.

Yomi & Eunice Olowoyo 



Pastors of Christian Life Centre, Thamesmead and leaders of Dynamic Church Planting, UK (DCPI) "I have a vision to raise a forum for leaders who will relate like Jesus and the twelve 'And he ordained twelve that they might be with him' (Mark 3:14), to raise leaders like Elijah and Elisha and leave a legacy for those who will not break the chain in discipleship relationships and inter-generational links"

Mark & Mary Van Gundy


They lead the Kingdom Legacy Network and Revival in the nations. They are affectionately known as Papa and Mama having parented hundreds of leaders in the UK.